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Over 17,000 missions a year. See why people are calling us the #1 Ultimate Battle Experience in Minnesota

  • The kids had an AMAZING time battling, competing, and playing all of the special missions.  It was so fun that even some of the parents had to join in on the missions.  The best birthday party ever, hands down!  We made memories that will never be forgotten!

    Jamie T
  • I can’t express how much FUN we had!  The experience was much more than just paintball.  Their commander was awesome.  The experience truly was like something I have never seen before!  My son got to select the missions he thought would be the most fun, and the kids were talking about it for weeks on end!  We are already planning on it for next year’s birthday party!

    Damon M
  • MN Pro has brought paintball to a new level and created an entire experience around the idea of battle.  Their customized fields and corresponding special missions were nothing like I have ever experienced.  I felt like I was training to go to war for the Army!

    Adam D.
  • I am not a ‘Paintballer’, I had never even shot a paintball gun and still had a blast! At first I had my reservations about going with my group of friends, but once I got suited up for battle and onto the fields I knew I could handle it!  And in the heat of battle, it didn’t even hurt to get hit by the paintballs!  I can’t wait to come back and play their other special missions!

    Kim R

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