We are more than a paintball facility

When you play at the park you will be Immersed in a Mission Based entertainment combat Experience. Each group has a commander that will be embedded with the team helping to coordinate & execute mission strategies & to make sure everyone is SAFE & having fun! Whether you’ve always wanted to be a Navy SEAL or a tournament paintball player, we have a mission and field for you. At MN Pro Paintball we strive to provide the best experience possible

When you step into our retail stores you will be greeted by the most knowledgeable staff and largest inventory of paintball equipment and supplies in Minnesota. Our employees are passionate paintball players who have been in the industry for years. We work with you to find the right equipment for your preferences and budget, and all of our equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.

We also host some of the best paintball events. Whether you are a scenario player looking for the best Big Games in Minnesota or a speedball player wanting tournament experience, we have an event for you!

Please contact us with any questions at 952-892-1540 or info@mnpropaintball.com

Matt Ames

CEO & Founder

Playing paintball since: 1997

Worked at MN Pro since: 2002

Equipment: CCI Phantom Pump Stock Class, JT Proflex Goggles, cleanest clothes in my gear bag & anything else that might increase my chances of survival against the “Ghost Klegstad”

Joe Klegstad

Chief Operations Officer

Playing paintball since: 2001

Worked at MN Pro since: 2002

Equipment: Tippmann 98, upgraded barrel, 20 oz co2 tank, black sweatpants, 2001 Proflex IZE graphite w/ yellow lens, redz barrel swab, mizuno cleats

Nickname: The Ghost

Josh Kryzer

Facilities Management

Playing paintball since: 2005

Worked at MN Pro since: 2006

Equipment: MacDev Clone xv, Dye rotor, DXS 68/45, Grillz

Kevin Mossing

Park Manager

Playing paintball since: 2007

Worked at MN Pro since: 2007

Equipment: The shinny rental gun & MN Pro elite goggles.

Robby Drake

Store Manager

Playing paintball since: 2008

Worked at MN Pro since: 2009

Equipment: Planet Eclipse Ego 7, Virtue Spire, Ninja 68/45