A Day to Celebrate the Challenge

From its inception Challenge For Children’s has been about community.  It is about bring people together.  It is a day to raise money and awareness for the people in our lives that wake up each day with challenges to face.  It is to give them a fair shake at happiness in their life and allow them live the life they have always dreamed.

We are ecstatic to say that after 6 short years, the Challenge for Children’s event draws over 700 participants and has raised just over $400,000 for the cardiac unit at Children’s Hospital & Clinics of Minnesota

This event and the money that has been raised would not be possible without our sponsors, volunteers, staff, participants and YOU!

The Ultimate Charity Experience

Join us in our 7th Annual Paintball Big Game for Charity.  This paint splattered charity events brings together families, friends, kids and pros for a one day all out paintball blast.  Come fight for something greater than yourself and help us support Children’s Hostpital

Do not miss this event!

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  • Andrew

    Can we use season passes for admission to challenge for children?

    • Erika

      Sorry Andrew, since Challenge for Children’s is a charity event your season pass doesn’t include admission to the event. For all of our other Big Games this year it will though.

  • Drew

    Where is the final battle taking place?

  • i suk at paintball

    is it the same price as regular walk in games (around 35 dollars for entry and gun rental) or more or less for the challenge for childrens game?

    • Erika

      If you pre-register by Tuesday, May 14th at midnight, admission is $30. On the day of the event it is $40 for admission. Rental packages start at $15 (includes gun, mask, tank, barrel bag, and hopper). Cases of standard paint are discounted to $50 for the event as well.

  • Devan Schluessler

    Hey MN Pro,
    I was just wondering I recently won 2 admissions to this sundays event and it says includes admission, rental package, and air. With the rental package does that include a gun or no? If you could get back to me with that would be awesome.
    Thank you looking forward to it.

  • connor

    when will pictures and videos be up from this event?

  • Erika

    The pictures should be up by tomorrow afternoon on our facebook page – facebook.com/mnpropaintball.

    The video will be posted on our youtube channel by early next week – youtube.com/minnesotapro

  • Warren

    trying to figure out how to simply make a donation to support (unfortunately we cannot make the event). I did it last year, but cannot seem to find the link on how to do so for this years event.

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