Can You Handle The Ultimate Corporate

Team Building Battle Experience?

Battle Scenarios | Private Commander

Special Ops Missions | All Gear Included

Looking for some team bonding? Need to release some stress and tensions with your co-workers? Unleash your inner soldier and test your wits in a competitive combat simulation like no other.  Your appointed Private Commander will send your team to battle on special mission style battles.  Take notes as they brief you on mission critical tactical strategy needed to successfully conquer your enemies and complete your mission.

Prepare to creep through marsh, stalk through forests, outflank opponents and ambush enemies, as you navigate through a variety of terrains and 15 uniquely themed battlefields.

Over 500 Successful Missions Completed, Including By Special Ops Teams From:

  1. Your Own Private Commander

Mission Objective: Organize Chaos

Attteeeention!  I am your private commander for your ultimate special ops private battle experience.  I will brief you on your top secret missions, send you into customized battle scenarios and bring out your inner warrior.  I will ensure that your entire party is having fun, staying safe, and experiencing everything our 15 themed battlefields have to offer.

Commanders Provide

  • Special Mission Briefings
  • Ensure Battle Protocal Is Followed
  • Oversee Execution Of Ultimate Mission: Fun

  1. Choose Your Special Ops Missions

Mission Objective: Tactical Domination

With over 200 football fields of battlefield nirvana, your groups inner warrior will be tested across multiple terrains and topographies. Splash through damp wetlands, creep through forests and sprint across Death Valley. With 15 unique themed battlefields, your party will compete in specialized missions inspired by real combat scenarios.

Over 28 Unique Mission Scenarios

  • Protect 10,000 sq. ft. ancient castle from a peasant revolt
  • Stalk your enemies in 8 acre forest
  • Ransack the oilfield like a renegade cowboy clan
  • Represent your district in our version of the Hunger Games

  1. Enter the Armory

Mission Objective: Prepare for Battle

All warriors will enter battle equipped with the mission critical tactical equipment needed to conquer their enemies.  Spray your opponent with a semi-auto paintball refile, cover your run by launching a smoke grenade or blast an opponent who is taking cover with a paint grenade. We have all the tactical needed to bring the battle to life.

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Mission Critical Equipment Provided

  • Pistols, Semi-Auto Rifles, Sniper Rifles
  • Ammo and extra clips
  • Paint & Smoke Grenades
  • Saftey Helmet, Goggles, Gloves and Tactical Coveralls

Packages Starting As Low As $44.99!