Best Airsoft In Minnesota!

Airsoft Walk On Play

There’s no need to make a reservation, just show up and join the game! Games take place on our 15 different, themed fields and are supervised by a certified Airhard Tactical Staff Member.

Walk-On Dates & Times for 2016:

All Airsoft dates run from 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Apr: 3rd, 17th
May: 1st, 15th
June: 5th, 19th, 26th
July: 10th, 24th
August: 7th, 21st
Sept: 11th, 18th
Oct: 2nd, 16th, 23rd
Nov: 13th, 20th (weather permitting)


MN Pro Paintball Park 22554 Texas Ave Lakeville, MN 55044


  • $20 all day admission
  • BB’s and Green Gas for sale on-site through War Depot
  • Pricing varies by BB size and brand
  • $20 Airsoft rentals available
  • First come, first serve.
  • Rentals include gun, charged battery, one loaded magazine
  • Eye protection is additional
  • Parties of 5 or more can call or email War Depot ahead of time to reserve rentals




  • Must have a barrel bag on at all times when not on the field
  • Must sign a waiver
  • Must always have a commander with the group
  • All Airsoft guns welcome
  • Limits: – 400 fps with .20 bb’s – 375 fps with .25 bb’s
  • Maximum velocity allowed for snipers is 500 fps with no shots closer than 100 feet from opponent.
  • Sniper weapons cannot have the ability to shoot full auto
  • Please remember that Airsoft is all about honor! If you are not calling your hits, we cannot keep Airsoft safe and we will not continue to run it. Call your hits and keep the game going for everyone!
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  • Andre

    Will season passes work?

    • Erika

      Yes! Season passes work for admission to walk on play.

      • Michael

        How does airsoft work? Will airsoft be open on all weekends?

        • Erika

          Hi Michael, we will be open for select weekends for airsoft. There will be a full announcement soon!

          • layne

            wait so is the fields open this weekend

          • Erika

            Hi Layne, we are open every weekend but for paintball it is open typically every other Sunday.

      • layne

        beccause if they are that would be awesome

    • dylan

      i have a sniper with 550 fps but its green gas what should i do?

      • Erika

        Check out Airsoft Station in St. Paul. They will be able to help you with modifying your gun to play at our park.

    • isaak

      Do you have to wear any special gear besides goggles?

      • Erika

        Hi Isaak, as long as you have an approved mask you don’t need any special equipment.

  • Rodger

    Can I bring my own bb’s for this event?

    • Erika

      Yes, you are more than welcome to bring you own.

  • Gavin

    I have a 390-425 FPS Sniper Rifle that I usually shoot with either .20 or .25 g BB’s, what would be the restriction on this if any?

    • Erika

      Hi Gavin, our limits are

      – 400 fps with .20 bb’s
      – 375 fps with .25 bb’s

    • Adric Towsley

      The standard MAA rules state that a sniper can shoot over 400 fps, but it cannot have the ability to go full auto. I cannot speak for MN Pro, but the people who run these airsofting events usually use MAA rules.

  • Corey

    Can u have a birthday party and when will you have rentals

    • Erika

      As we are just getting started with airsoft we unfortunately don’t have rentals at this time. If the experience is successful we hope to have them early next year!

  • Mitch

    What are the rules on thunderB ,tornado grenades, and smoke grenades?

    • Erika

      Hi Mitch,

      Thanks for your patience with this question. We are allowing smoke grenades but not thunderB or tornado grenades.

  • Nick H

    Thanks so much! I hope this works out because this is way closer to my house than any other fields!

    • Erika

      We look forward to seeing you there! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Matt

    Will there be outlets that can be used as charging stations for batteries?

    • Erika

      Yes, there will be outlets in the building!

  • Gavin

    Are gun bags required at all when moving to a field or when we first arrive?

  • mike

    Will players be able to wear a mesh half mask with goggles instead of a full one piece mask?

    • Erika

      Yes, you will be able to.

      • Grant

        If you are under 18 do the mask rules change, and do you not have to have a full face mask then? Just your full face covered?

        • Erika

          The same mask rules apply for all players

  • Dillon

    I’m 14 ( yes I have an actual airsoft AEG not a toy airsoft gun) and I’m wondering if an adult is required to show before the event for me to be allowed to participate in your airsoft walk in days, along with signing the waiver of course, and/or if there signature is required

  • Dillon

    I’m 14 ( yes I have an actual airsoft AEG not a toy airsoft gun) and I’m wondering if an adult is required to show before the event for me to be allowed to participate in your airsoft walk in days, along with signing the waiver of course, and/or if their signature is required

    • Erika

      Hi Dillon,

      We do need a legal guardian to fill out a waiver form for you. It can be found here. They do not need to show up on the day that you play though, as long as they fill it out ahead of time.

  • andrew j

    Thanks so much your field is so much closer than other fields
    Keep on keeping on

  • Dylan

    No matter how many people are there will you always be able to play even if you get there at like 3:00?

    • Erika

      If there are more than 8 people there we will be running games.

  • Jacob

    I have a friend who uses a mouth guard instead of a lower facemask in order to be able to look down whatever optic he’s using with greater ease.

    Is this allowed?

  • Hayden

    I have seen some gameplay footage on youtube, and I noticed the really cool “pipeline” map, but Im wondering if you have altered that map or if it even still exists…

  • Callan

    1. Do I have to use a full paint ball face mask or can I use a steel mesh lower and a lancer tactical eye pro?
    2.any mag limits?
    3. Is a dead tag required?

  • Callan

    Oh and is an orange tip on my gun required?

  • Jace

    I have a black and white skull bandanna that I usually wear over half my face with friends and then I have goggles on as well, would this work or do you absolutely need to have full mask/mesh half-mask?

  • Steve

    can you go solo or must you travel with a group in the game

    • Erika

      You can go solo if you want. When you get to the park our Commanders will do a safety briefing with you and go over all rules.

  • Jimmy Ficher

    Would a homemade barrel bag work?

    • Erika

      It would be up to the discretion of the park manager but we strongly suggest that you purchase a barrel bag.

  • Jimmy Ficher

    Why won’t you be allowing Thunder Bs and Tornado grenades?

  • Gavin

    I have a foam whole face mask that has tiny breathing holes and an eye slot. Its about Half an inch thick and got it off an airsoft website. Could I use this then have some sort of protective eyewear over it?

  • Stud muffin

    When will the next airsoft event occur?

    • Erika

      We will most likely be hosting some additional winter airsoft days. Check back soon for announcements on specific dates! Another good place to keep up to date is our facebook page.

  • Jake

    Hay could you guys make it easier to find out when Airsoft days are? Its kind of hard to find days to play Airsoft at your location.

    • Erika

      Hi Jake, sorry about the difficulties. With the weather being difficult to predict far in advance, we don’t post the open times until the Thursday before the weekend. The best place to check if we’ll be open is on our Facebook page – During the Spring we will have more consistent dates posted on our website.

      • Jake

        Ok thank you very much I look forward to playing this summer.

        • Erika

          We’re looking forward to growing our airsoft community! Thanks for coming out to play. Just wanted to let you know that we will be open this Sunday, January 19th as well.

  • Riley

    Are All of the fields aloud for airsoft, or mostly paintball?
    Is there an age limit?
    You are open mare then 3 times a year, right?

    • Erika

      Hi Riley, all of our fields are open for both airsoft and paintball games. We are open periodically throughout the winter (check our website and facebook page on Thursdays for the weekend’s open hours) and more frequently during the rest of the year.

  • Porter

    Are you guy having a game on March 9th?

    • Erika

      At this time we don’t have the Spring and Summer schedule for airsoft walk-on play but check back in a couple of weeks and make sure to like us on facebook to get alerts for the upcoming open play days.

  • Skyler

    You have group parties for spat master paint ball and laser tag but do you have group parties for airsoft

    • Erika

      At this time we don’t have private parties for airsoft, but we do have open walk-on games periodically through the winter. During the summer we will have a more set schedule for airsoft.

  • Ryan

    My gun is a little over 400 fps with .20 bbs can I still use it

    • Erika

      For the safety of our players, we have a strict limit of 400 fps. However, we do understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get a true Chrono reading so we do allow some variance of approximately 5 degrees. So if you are within 5 fps of 400, you should be ok.

  • Zach

    so if i have an aeg that shoots +400 but it doesn’t go full auto i can use it correct?

  • Alex Sulistyo

    Is There any age limit for Air soft Big Games? I didn’t find any response to that in the comments.

    • Erika

      May 11th is the first day!

      • Michael

        Heh. I don’t think that’s the answer he was looking for.

  • Michael

    What are face protection rules? Also, what is a “commander” and why is one needed?

    • Erika

      All players must wear an approved mask. A commander is like a referee for the game.

  • Mason

    When will be the first day air soft opens?

  • Kody

    You guys do airsoft as well right

    • Erika

      Yes, we are open typically every other Sunday for airsoft.

  • John

    Is it ok if I show up anytime between 11-6, or do you have to be there by 11?

    • Erika

      Hi John you can show up anytime during the day.

  • alex

    my ak47 chronos at 435fps most places allow up to 450 on aeg’s (you have to keep the weapon in semi if over 400) is that the same here or do you stricly cut off at 400 if it has the ability to shoot full auto?

    i also have a sniper that chrono’s at 415fps with .40g’s so far every field ive gone to when i said i was using .40’s they said it doesnt matter on snipers because of the engagement rule as long as the gram im using doesnt pass 500/550 depending on the field is that similiar here or would i have to chrono with .20g even though i dont use them?

    • alex

      forgot to mention the sniper is bolt action so it has to be manually reset after everyshot (only mentioning it because they usually consider a semi only sniper an aeg still)

  • Dante

    Do you rent costumes and how old do you have to be.

    • Erika

      We have camo coveralls and tactical vests available but not any costumes. Our minimum age for walk-on play is 12 years old.

  • Alex

    What kind of rentals do you have for airsoft and can I also use 40 dollar value passes for the guns and admission .

    • Erika

      Hi Alex, you can use the coupon for the admission but we only have a limited number of rentals available.

  • Erik

    how much is rentals

  • Corey

    Do you have rental guns for tomorrow

  • Joe

    Is there woods for sniping because I have ghillie suit and do u sell bbs

    • Erika

      We have 10 different fields – some of them have woods, others are urban themed. We do sell bbs.

  • Joe

    What do you mean by you need a commander with the group

  • geek

    i was wondering if my friend can wear a bear costume does he need goggles and a mask or will he be ok

    • Erika

      He still needs to wear an approved mask.

  • Ryan

    Do you need a barrel bag for a pistol

    • andrew

      no, if you have a holster if not then yes

  • Jonathan

    How old do you have to be to play

  • Steven

    Hi, im 12 years old and i wanna see if i am allowed to play in this airsoft field. thank you

  • Logan

    How old do u have to be to play?

  • Jeff

    Umm are we bringing an airsoft to a paintball war or are there different fields and or times and whats the age requirement any of those?

  • Wyley

    Are u guys open in December?

    • Erika

      Hi, We are now closed for the season. We will be opening up again around March/April depending on weather.

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