FAQ’s & Park Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play at MN Pro Paintball?

There are 2 ways to play at MN Pro Paintball: 1.Reservation Group – If you have 8 or more players (for paintball, 6 or more players for low impact paintball) you can do a Reservation Group. Hours: Anytime you want Weekdays or Weekends! – Must Call Ahead 952-892-1540  2.Walk On Play – Just Show up! Come alone or bring some friends, we will put you on a team and play on all of our fields.

Does it hurt when you get hit?

Every marker or gun is checked for velocity before each game so that the paintballs are flying at less than 285 feet per second. At these speeds, the ball’s impact is more startling than painful, something like the quick sting of a rubber band.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on multiple factors including whether you are a private party, your group size, the day of the week you’re playing, and what type of package you want. Packages start at $44.99 for paintball. Low Impact Paintball pricing can be found here. Please call for more information 952-892-1540

What should I wear?

Pants and long sleeves are required (NO Shorts Allowed) preferably dark in color. Old camouflage gear works great. Wear a comfortable pair of pants, boots, cleats, or sneakers. DO NOT wear any good jewelry of any type. If you choose to wear them, they could become lost or damaged. We always suggest you bring more clothing then you can wear, this way you can always take clothing off if you get hot or decide that you don’t need it. Remember, paintballs do wash out, but it is suggested that you wear something that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, as you will be running around in the woods.

Should I bring anything else?

We recommend bringing an extra change of clothes, bug spray and extra money just in case you may want to buy a drink or snack between games. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED). If you are bringing your own equipment, a barrel bag is required. No plugs allowed.

Do you play in the rain?

Yes, we play in the rain. It is actually very fun. We will not run games if lightning is present and or if our Park is under a Tornado Warning.

Is there an age requirement or age limit to play?

To play paintball at MN Pro Paintball you must be 12 years of age or older for walk on play. If you make a private party the minimum age is 10 years old for a paintball party. The minimum age for a Low Impact Paintball Party is 6. If you are under 18 you must have a parent sign your waiver. It can be signed here.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

No, MN Pro Paintball is a Field Paint Only Facility. This is for two reasons. The first is that Scott County requires all Commercial Paintball Parks provide 3rd party testing to ensure that all paintballs shot at the facility will not harm the environment. The second reason is for insurance purposes and to ensure your safety.

I’ve never played before, will I be out-gunned or stuck playing with pros?

If you call ahead and make a reservation (8 or more players) you will be considered as a private party and will only be playing with your group. If you do not have a reservation and are playing Walk On Play, no experience is necessary. We pay special attention to your skill level and divide you into teams based on your experience and ability. Beginners play with other beginners, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable playing if you come as a walk-on.

Do paintballs stain clothing?

No, paintballs do not stain your clothing, but you will get dirty so wear old clothes.

Where is the park located?

22554 Texas Ave Lakeville, MN 55044 4 Minutes West of Interstate 35, off of County Road 70 & County Road 27

Where is the store located?

Burnsville Store: 14021 Grand Ave Burnsville, MN 55337 Right next to Pawn America off of 35W & County Road 42

Park Rules


All paintballs must be purchased from either MN Pro Paintball’s Park or one of MN Pro Paintball’s retail locations. Paintballs purchased elsewhere are NOT permitted at the Park.


MN Pro Judges have the final word on ALL calls.


Goggles must be worn by all persons, players and non-players, for the entire duration you are inside the field netting. Goggles must also be worn in all chronograph ranges.


Barrel Bags are MANDATORY for every paintball gun! Barrel plugs, battle swabs or any other non-approved device are unacceptable.


Cheating takes the fun out of paintball and will NOT be tolerated!


Your marker MUST be set to less than 285 feet-per-second. You are responsible for measuring the velocity of your own equipment.


RAMPING, FULL-AUTO and CHEAT Modes are strictly PROHIBITED. Semi automatic modes ONLY.


All Electronic Paintball Markers must be capped at a rate of fire of 12.5 balls per second.


If a target is within 20-feet, they must be allowed to surrender, if the target declines, the player is allowed to engage.


Please follow our “Courteous Playing Habits”: 1.) No close shooting or bunkering, 2.) No blind shooting, 3.) Do not shoot anyone more than 3 times.


Long sleeve shirts and pants are required. No Shorts allowed!


Alcohol, Drugs, and other illegal substances are prohibited! All Firearms concealed or otherwise, are prohibited!


Profanity and inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. MN Pro Paintball is a recreational facility with a family oriented environment.

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