Go to War on our 150 Acres
of Battlefields

See Why 17,000 People
Battle At Our Field A Year

Can you handle the ultimate battle experience?  MN Pro is the largest and most popular field for simulated battle and special ops missions.  We have over 200 football fields of land that is filled with 13 uniquely themed battlefields.  Our fields create an experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the state.  Splash through swamps, charge up hills, conquer or protect buildings, snipe from nests, hide in forests — the options are endless.  With our special ops inspired missions, you will be sent to battle with the mission critical gear and strategy to dominate the enemy and have the an experience like no other.

Artillery Hill

Fast paced woodsball game like no other. One team starts at the top of the hill and the other at the bottom.

Concrete Valley

Grab the high ground behind one of many concrete road barriers and dig in to lead your team to victory.

Field X

This is an exciting new field for 2016. More information to come soon.

Ho Chi Mihm Trail

The biggest field at our Lakeville Park. A trail winds its way through the middle of the field providing a focal point of intense action.


A long and narrow field with tons of bunkers and plenty of over-sized pipes to take cover behind or inside.

Sherwood Forest

Take cover behind one of the hundreds of trees, trenches & other bunkers that are strategically placed throughout the 8 acre forest. Make your move and climb into one of the 5 towers.


Tournament Style Speedball field! PSP 2011 bunkers

Timberline Ridge

Fully wooded with pine trees. Bunkers throughout the field allowing your team to advance or defend your respective base.

Western Chaos

10,000 square foot castle perfect for epic battles!


No excuses or time to think on this field. Action packed games with no trees to hide behind.


More information coming soon


More information coming soon

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