Compete Like A True Pro on this PSP Certified Field

Get out the heavy artillery and get ready for battle. No excuses or time to think on this field. Action packed games that generally don’t last more than 7 minutes with no trees to hide behind. You will take cover (if you choose to) behind inflatable Sup Air Bunkers that are positioned in the most recent PSP event field layout. Don’t be timid by the description above, most players start off in Sherwood Forest or Timberline Ridge but by the end of the day they are showing there skills on either the X-Ball or Sherwood Forest field to the spectators that can watch thanks to the protective netting.

Ready For The Ultimate Battle Experience?

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  • Ma'iingan Sherritt-stone

    If you book a party can you go speedballing?

    • Erika

      Yes, during the months that the speedball field is running.

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