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MN Pro Paintball now buys and sells used equipment! Call or stop into either our Burnsville or Minnetonka retail stores for a quote on your used marker.

We must have the marker to examine at time of appraisal in order to give an accurate estimate. The determined value of your marker is also based on whether a customer is trading in towards a new marker or simply looking to sell it.

Check out the equipment that we currently have in stock at If you are interested in any of these markers please give us a call at 952-892-1540 before heading to the Burnsville store as we may have already sold it.

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  • carlos

    what kind of guns do u guys sell

    • Erika

      We sell new markers from all manufacturers. The used equipment in stock varies quite a bit though. Your best bet is to call the store at 952.303.5807 to see what we currently have.

  • Drew

    Do you have the empire vanquish?

  • Cody

    What kinds of electric hopper do you sell?

    • Erika

      We sell these electronic hoppers – Virtue Spire, Dye Rotor, Empire Z2, Empire Scion, Empire Halo Too, Valken Vmax, JT Revvy

  • Dylan

    How much does gun grease cost?

  • Brandon

    Do you guys have any etek 3

    • Erika

      Sorry Brandon when only have etek 4s in stock at this time.

  • Will

    Any used woodsball markers for sale?

    • Erika

      Yes, we have a couple of different options for you. Give us a call at 952-892-1540 and we can tell you what is currently in stock.

  • nolen

    i was wondering if you have a US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun in stock.

    • Erika

      We don’t have any used Project Salvos in stock but we do have new ones.

  • Michael

    Do you guys have 50 cal. paintballs in stock?

    • Erika

      We don’t currently have them in stock but we can certainly order them for you. Give us a call at 952.892.1540 or stop by either store and we can get the order in for you ASAP.

  • Albee sanchez

    I was wondering I have lots of never been used equipment that I want to sell will there be any way we can chat online

    • Erika

      Yes, we have a live chat service that you can use at the top left hand side of our website. We try to always have this feature on during our business hours. If it shows that we are not available at this time please feel free to send an email to

  • Nick

    Do you sell sly profit mask in your store

  • Jake

    Do you have any used empire axe’s for sale?

  • Alex Deleon

    Do you guys sell e-triggers for a tippman 98 custom? If so, how much?

    • Erika

      Yes, we do. They are $99.99 and we have them in stock at the Burnsville store.

  • Alex Deleon

    I have a tippman 98 custom I put in the tank and I was gonna shoot one and it like fired but nothing came out and the tank is full, do you think I should add grease to the gun

  • John Yungner

    How much are you guys listing the Ego 11’s for at your store?

    • Erika

      Hi John, sorry we don’t have any Ego 11’s in stock at the store. We do have LV1s at $1,395.

  • Connor

    Do you guys have cheap padded pants? looking for something under $40?

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