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Fill your co2 and compressed air tanks at the Burnsville retail store.

CO2 fills – $0.40 per ounce
Compressed air fills – $1.50 per 1,000 PSI

MN Pro Paintball now offers Keg CO2 fills.

2.5 lb keg fills: $16
5 lb keg fills: $32
10 lb keg fills: $64

We can also hydro-test your tank! Call (952) 892-1540 for more information!

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  • Jake

    Can you just rent a compressed air tank when you are on the field? And if so what would the cost be?

  • Erika

    Hi Jake, yes you can rent just a tank for $5 and it includes unlimited air fills.

  • Lee

    Are you able to fill 4500 psi air tanks?

  • Mark Stanford

    When you say hydro, does that include recertifying expired tanks? SCUBA shops are pretty far away from me.

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