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Tippmann 98

Tippmann 98

The Tippmann 98 is perfect for the beginner paintball player who is looking for something that not only won’t break the bank, but will also be extremely durable.

What’s great about it?

The Tippmann 98 is the essence of entry-level paintball. It is extremely durable, very easy to use, and if for some reason it does break down, it is quite possibly one of the easiest markers to diagnose and fix on the market today.


Weight w/ barrel: 2lbs, 14.2oz
Length: 18.75 inches
Height: 7.5 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic (Electronic Grip Kit allows for burst, full-auto, and response).

Other recommended accessories:

Response Trigger: The response trigger is a small air piston that sits in the grip. After every shot the piston is pressurized and instantly returns the trigger. All you need to do to reach speeds of 10+ balls/second is apply steady pressure to the trigger.

Electronic Trigger: The electronic trigger kit is an electronically powered circuit board and microswitch. You will have the ability to fire in semi-auto, burst, full-auto, and response modes with the electronic trigger but must also keep a fresh battery installed.

Flatline Barrel: The flatline barrel is an aftermarket barrel that puts a lot of backspin on each paintball. This backspin gives the paintball a flat trajectory and increases your shot distance dramatically.

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