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Paintball equipment can, at times, be a total nightmare. The technicians at MN Pro Paintball totally understand this and want nothing more than to get you back out on the field with working gear. Before bringing your equipment in for repair there is some basic information you should know.


Standard Repairs:

There’s nothing worse than your marker breaking down in the middle of a match! You have a shot lined up, you pull the trigger, and poof… nothing. Swing by one of your retail locations and let a professional diagnose, fix, and clean your equipment!

Mechanical Repair:

$25 For all markers that do not use a circuit board and battery for operation.

Electronic Repair:

$35 For all markers that use a circuit board and battery for operation.

Install/Clean & Lube:

Did your equipment get completely shot up at the park last weekend or do you need an upgrade installed? Either way, save yourself the hassle and drop your gear with us. We’ll get it cleaned up and looking great or get that new upgrade installed and working properly!


$20 If it DOESN’T run on batteries.


$25 If it DOES run on batteries.

Miscellaneous Equipment Fix:

Is your tank leaking or is your loader jamming constantly, or is the lens on your mask not locking in properly? Whatever the case, if it’s not a marker drop it with us for this lower cost repair!


$20 If it DOESN’T run on batteries.


$25 If it DOES run on batteries.


The costs listed above are our labor charges. If your gear needs parts you will be charged for them upon pickup. Some companies, such as Tippmann, offer a factory warranty. If your gear is still covered by its factory warranty then parts will be covered by the manufacturer.

Turn Around Time:

We try our best to have your gear diagnosed, fixed, and returned to you as quickly as possible, all while keeping you in the loop throughout the whole process. We ask that you give us two weeks to get your gear back in your hands unless parts need to be ordered or your gear must be sent back to the manufacturer. In those cases a couple extra weeks may be necessary depending on severity of the issue. Please don’t call us every day to check on your gear. It floods our phone lines and takes us away from other repairs. Just know that your gear is being worked on and we will give you a call as soon as we have something to share.

What do I bring?

When bringing a gun in for repair there are several things you should have to make the process as easy as possible.

  • The marker itself
  • The stock barrel
  • Any spare parts you have for the marker

If you have a part we need to fix the marker we can just take it from your spare parts kit and save you the cost.

Cash or Credit Card

The labor fee MUST be paid up front before marker can be worked on. As much information as you can provide describing exactly what is wrong with your marker. If you have no idea what is wrong, that’s fine too. The more we know up front the faster we can fix it.

Tank Hydro-Testing:

If you have an expired compressed air tank and would like to get it re-certified, bring it by one of our retail locations and we’ll get you taken care of! $45 will cover shipping to and from our hydro-tester and the test itself! That’s $45 to get another 5 YEARS of use from your compressed air tank!

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