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The Original Big Game – Capture the Flag

Winter Big Game

Winter Big Game - Capture the Flag



Experience what started it all!

Each team will have several large flags to guard. Whichever team protects their own flags while capturing more of their opponent’s flags will WIN!

Where:  MN Pro Paintball Park
22554 Texas Ave
Lakeville, MN 55044

Date & Time:  February 16th, 2013 from 9 am – 5 pm. See detailed schedule of events below.

Cost:  FREE for Season Pass Holders
$15 for pre-registered players (closes on Tuesday, February 12th)
$20 on the day of event

Paint:  $65/case of winter paint, $55 for season pass holders

Rental Equipment:  $5 rental packages and free compressed tank rentals

9:00 am Gates and Check In
10:20 am General Briefing
10:40 am Walk to Field
11:00 am Game Starts
1:00 pm Lunch Starts
2:00 pm Second Half of Game Starts
3:30 pm Final Battle
4:00 pm Game Ends
4:15 pm Prizes & Awards

Questions? Contact us at 952.892.1540 or

Capture the Flag Big Game Map

Main Objective: To capture the opposing teams flags and return them to your teams home base. The team which earns the most points wins!

COMBO: If Teams are able to retrieve flags in the correct order they will receive combo points plus the value of the flags. So for example, to achieve a side flush, a team must capture an “A” and then a “B”. The teams general may decide whether to use those letters as a combo and get points or continue collecting to achieve a larger combo. Once flags have been counted towards a combo, they cannot be used in another larger combo.

The center Swing Flag must be returned to the opposing teams base!

Flag Name Flag Letter Value
Corner flag B 25
Home Flag C 75
Mid Flags A 15
Swing Flag S 50
Description Letter Bonus Points
Pressed Swing A,A,B 35
Side Flush A,B 20
Royal Press A,A,C 75
Formal Handshake A,B,A,B,C 150



Game Specific Rules

  1. The main objective of this game is to capture the other team’s flags and return them to your home base. The flags have designated point values. The team with the most points at the end of the game will win.
  2. Players may not hide their own flag. Any team caught hiding their own flags will lose the point value of the flag from their score & it will be added to the opposing teams score. The flags will have clearly designated stands that they must remain in unless the opposing team captures them.
  3. The flags play a single role in this game and serve as an objective for capture. Flags cannot be used in any other manner than they are intended for. It is up to the head ref to decide if a flag is being used inappropriately.
  4. The center Flag will be known as the swing flag or “S” flag. This flag is not returned to your home base but must be returned to the home base of the opposing team. Returning this flag to your own home base will award points to the opposing team. All other flags must be returned to your home base.
  5. Each flag on the field has a designated letter. The letter will be clearly stated on the flag. The order in which the flags are captured will decide whether or not combo points are earned. Once a series of flags are captured and used to achieve combo points, those flags cannot be used towards any other combo.
  6. A flag cannot be unhung. If a player returns a flag to their home base & places the flag in the designated area, the flag is considered hung and is added to the official order of hangings.
  7.  Once a flag is hung it will be immediately returned to its original place on the other side of the field.
  8.   A flag may be passed between players at any time and there is no limit to the amount of passes. Passing a flag back and forth between players before a hang may be deemed a delayed hang. This is up to the head ref to decide. See rule
  9.  Players who return with flags and do not hang them for 30 seconds will receive a penalty for a delayed hang. Delayed hang penalty is 20 points. This is intended to prevent a team from collecting flags and holding on to them in order to hang them in the desired order. The player possessing the flag must be clearly unable to hang the flag due to the presence of the opposing team to delay a hang.

10. If a player is eliminated while carrying a flag, the flag will be dropped where the player was eliminated. The flag can be picked up by either team in this situation. The carrying team can grab the flag and continue towards their base to hang it. The opposing team can also grab the flag and return it to it’s original spot. Any flag dropped and left unattended for a duration of 5 minutes will be returned to its original spot by the staff. The attending referee can decide to let a dropped flag remain if both teams are making forward progress to either stop the hang or continue to the hang. Essentially if there is a shoot out over a dropped flag, the referee will allow the players to fight it out.

11. A Grand Sweep can be achieved at any point during the game except during the final battle. During a Grand Sweep the S flag must be hung by the same group or player who hangs the C flag. This is up to the discretion of the referee. Essentially if a team hangs a Swing flag during a drive but does not immediately grab the C flag afterwards and return home & hang, then the team will only receive the points for the two separate hangs but will not reset the other team. A team cannot hang a swing flag then later in the game on a separate drive hang a C flag to achieve the Grand Sweep.

12. Flags collected during a drive will count for a combo. If a team is able to collect both A flags & a B flag during a single drive, and takes care to hang them in the proper order, the team will receive the combo points.

13. The general is the only person who is able to decide if a flag hang will count for a combo or be held for another larger combo.

14. The Head referee is responsible to alert the opposing team of a flag hang. This must be done immediately after the hang is verified.

15. The player hanging a flag must be clean. If the player has any clear hits the flag hang will not count and cannot be unhung and rehung by another player. The Head referee will decide whether a hang is legitimate. Players may pause before their flag hang, check themselves, or even pass the flag to another player before hanging. Once hung, there is no way to unhang a flag.

16. Any Rules left unaddressed will be up to the discretion of the Head Judge.

Miscellaneous Rules

1. Follow any directions given to you by a referee. If you have a problem with a referee’s call please get the refs name and see the head referee. NO ARGUING WITH REFS AT ANY TIME.

2. No climbing trees, moving bunkers, sandbags, or other structures.

3. Players may not wear anything similar in color or pattern to a referee. Referees will be wearing black and white shirts.

4. Unsportsmanlike conduct physical violence cheating or any other rule violations are not allowed and may result in ejection from event with no refund.

5. No shooting referees.

6. No foul language

7. All players must sign a waiver to be on the playing field for the event.

8. 911: If you or someone you see becomes seriously injured or needs the game to stop due to impending serious physical injury immediately yell 911 as loud as you can three times. If you hear 911 being yelled stop all aggressive movement place your barrel blocking devices on and yell 911 three times so that all players in the area hear it. This is a ceasefire. Referees will have action resumed by the sound of an all clear or an air horn once the issue is resolved.

9. Boundaries: Will be marked by rope or tape. All play will be limited to the current active zone ONLY. No shooting will be permitted into or out of the current zone from any other zone or out of bounds (i.e. NO shooting across tape lines).All players must remain in the current zone during game play. If a player leaves the active zone for any reason, that player is eliminated and must reinsert at their team’s reinsertion point.

10. Armband Tape: This will be provided at the beginning of the game at your respective headquarters. This will help to determine the enemy. You are not allowed to wear the opposing teams color as an armband, Unless a spy mission is in play. Referees will apply correct armbands. Generals are required to wear armbands of their team on both arms. The Merry Men team will be wearing Blue armbands while the Sheriffs forces will be wearing red.

11. Goggles/Masks: Goggles must meet ASTM and insurance requirements, must be unaltered, must provide full face, eye, and ear protection, and must have suitable, undamaged lenses in them. Players caught lifting their goggles, may be ejected with no refund. Please use common sense. We are only looking out for our fellow paintballers.

12. Markers/Paintballs: Any .68 caliber paintball marker may be used. Any marker that can be adjusted on the field, without tools, is required to have a locking device to prevent this from being possible. All markers are limited to 285fps, Pump markers and Pistols may chrono up to 300fps. Response trigger and 3 round burst modes are allowed. Excessive rate of fire over 12 BPS will result in a warning or removal from game, then a referee will mark your wrist band. Barrel bags (barrel condoms) are required, players caught with no barrel bag on their barrel in an off-field area other than the chrono area, may be ejected from the event with no refund.

13. Player’s Wristbands: When you check-in you will receive a wrist band. DO NOT LOSE THIS!! It will not be replaced for any reason as this is your receipt that you have paid! This will insure you are still a live player participating in the game. Referees will be marking them for violations. If you have 2 X’s on your wristband and you get another you will be asked to leave. The violations include marker safety, physical contact, threatening behavior, and cursing and will not be tolerated. Violations will result in either a referee marking your wristband or ejection from the event with no refund (the referee will make this final judgment).

14. Prohibited equipment: No tools or any knives (real or simulated) may be carried on the field. No personal fill stations allowed on the premises. No unbreakable-trip wires – auto releasing is OK. No pyrotechnic devices. No unapproved smoke (hot) devices. No laser sights/pointers. Any items found in violation will be confiscated and may, or may not, be returned after the event. NO drugs and no alcohol as this is a family friendly event.

15. Radios: Radios are allowed and encouraged. Please do not use the referee’s channels 1, 2 or 3. One of these will be a monitored emergency channel. If you are dead you may NOT use your radio until you have reached your reinsertion point or are healed by a medic. Jamming will not be allowed.

16. Headquarters/Main Base/Respawns: Headquarters cannot be captured. Players will respawn at either back corner of their respective sides.

Rules while game is being played

1. Barrel-tagging: You may barrel-tag players and eliminate them without shooting. The barrel must be attached to your marker, and you must immediately say, “Barrel tag!” when you touch them with it. A barrel tag is a tap, NOT a stabbing motion. Barrel-tagged players are immediately eliminated and are to walk away quietly. Failure to do so will result in a referee “X” on wristband. Barrel tagged players cannot be healed by medics.

2. Eliminations: If you are marked by a direct hit from a paintball and it breaks on you, you are eliminated. Marker/hopper/air tank hits count!

  • Immediately yell “HIT” raise your gun in the air and keep it raised until healed or reinserted.
  • Once you have announced that you are hit, you are OUT, even if you discover the ball did not break after the fact.
  • If in doubt please yell “paint check” and the nearest ref can check you.
  • If you are wearing a “ghille suit” all hits count on areas covered by this material, regardless of breaks.
  • When eliminated, you immediately return to your respawn point for reinsertion.
  • Splatter from paint hitting an object in front of you does not count as an elimination unless there is a glob of paint the size of a quarter or greater.
  • Eliminated players cannot carry game props.
  • Eliminated players cannot share information with other live players. Your eliminated until you respawn.

3. Game Start/End: All players should be at your base, report in to your General and be ready to go when the game begins! Game starts & stops will be signaled by air-horns or whistles.

4. Grenades/Mines: Paint grenades & mines may be used. One speck is enough for an elimination.

5. Side Missions: Side missions will be given to each General every stage. A successful mission completed in the allotted time will earn your team Money and/or perks.

6. Referees: Referees will be wearing Black and White stripes. Do not argue with a referee under any circumstance. If you disagree with a call ask them for their first name and see the referee at the scoring table in your headquarters, or see the head referee.

7. Reinsertions: You may reinsert at your main base at any time, respawn off of a Shaman for wounds at the spot you were eliminated, or at a designated respawn point.

8. Surrenders: We request, whenever possible, that you ask players within 20 feet to surrender. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a general consideration. We also recommend that players who are given this option accept it. Play smart and use common sense in surrenders. They are for your safety and are a sign of a respectful, honorable player. If you get outmaneuvered, accept the offered surrender, or expect to take the close-range shot! Congratulate them on bunkering you and report to your base. Surrenders cannot be healed by Shamans.

MN Pro Paintball Staff reserves the right to expel any player from the game without a refund for any rule violation


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Showing 9 comments
  • Frank

    How do i pre-register for this event?

    • Cathy

      Frank/Matt, pre-registration is now open through February 12th via paypal or at either of our stores for only $15 🙂

  • Noah W

    Is this on January 16th or February 16th? Seems unreasonable to pre-register over a month in advance…

    • Cathy

      Hi Noah, sorry about the mistake it has been fixed now. Pre-registration will close on February 12th.

  • Drew

    What is the playing area for the big game?

  • Drew

    What modes are Allowed for electronic markers?

  • Cathy

    Drew, we’re switching things up a bit for this Big Game. It will be played on Concrete Valley. We just posted the map. Also posted are the full rules for the game.

  • drew

    Where is the final battle

    • Cathy

      The final battle will also be on Concrete.